My name is Jessica Silon, Certified Wellness Coach and passionate health advocate for the all humans. I find joy from surfing, writing, cooking, spending time with loved ones & exploring new ideas. I'm originally from New York and currently live in the coastal town of Ventura, California. 

My path so far has been a winding one. I am grateful to have learned more of what it means to me to be healthy & balanced - mentally, physically and spiritually. It all started in high school, things were hard on the home front after the recession. From stress at home and school pressures, I suffered digestion issues, cystic acne, nerve pain and chronic anxiety. Addressing these ailments sparked my interest in wellness (before it was a goop-worthy buzzword).

I used whole foods to cure the digestion/acne, running to support my body and began writing about all of things I wanted to do in my lifetime, which including moving to California one day to give me hope the future was better than the present. Eventually, I was called to study Nutrition Science in college. During college and while in my first job, I realized even though my physical ailments cleared up, the anxiety remained. No amount of green juice or meditation could come close to alleviating it.

In attempt to conquer my anxiety and "what-if" thoughts, I decided to explore life outside of my realm of "normal" and set off to California. I left all that I knew, by myself, with not all that much to my name and practically no connections on the other coast. After moving across the country, starting jobs/finding new ones, fostering community, working on myself and finding partnership, I'm glad to say my anxiety has subsided dramatically.

 Through making many small choices (and some very big ones) along the way, the trust within myself deepened ten-fold. And when anxious flare-ups and messy moments arise, I accept them as part of the process. 

I'm able to stay balanced (most of the time) by maintaining a balanced diet, getting daily exercise, replacing alcohol with seltzer (or Athletic Brews), spending time out in nature, communicating with my partner, enjoying serious pup time, taking RISKS and accepting the off-balance times. I've realized that knowing what needs to be removed from my is just as much as what needs to be incorporated.

I continue to educate myself, challenge my own perspectives and be an open book to the world around me. My story is far from "complete" and neither is yours.

My Coaching Approach & Background

I'm honored to support others, as a Certified Health Coach, along their path to balance. I know, from experience, bringing your wellness vision to life comes from within and it simply takes time. I'm simply here as a facilitator of that very special process for my clients. 

I've been coaching on & off since 2016. I'm currently offering remote coaching via zoom. I graduated from the Health Coach training program from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016. To further my coaching expertise, I'm enrolled into the Advanced Coaching Program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After which, I'll be eligible to sit for the National Board Certification for Health & Wellness Coaches. If you're interested in learning more about IIN, let me know! I am a proud ambassador for the school.

Most Importantly - Health Is A Human Right 

Through working on myself, learning how what we eat affects our minds/bodies down to the molecular level in college, serving non-profits supporting the health of underserved communities and coaching unique individuals 1:1, I've come to strongly, deeply believe that health is a human right. Not a privilege. I acknowledge my own privilege, in this world. And that's the first step. We all need to acknowledge how we were born into a certain level of privilege and how that directly correlates with our ability to live well. However, I deeply believe humans are powerful, and we can change our reality, but it is a dedicated process and unique to every individual. When it comes down to it, we are pretty badass at making what we want happen. I'd love to see more humans, go after the best version of life possible with no boundaries set in place. And I'd love to see a world where all people have the access to live well through that very life-altering pursuit. I take this with me in my daily life, my coaching practice and as an ongoing student of life. I'm actually applying for my Masters of Public Health this winter (fingers crossed) to learn more and hopefully learn ways to be part of the movement to ensure health is a given right for all. I'm open to new ideas and conversations on this topic, because I am endlessly curious and most importantly, I know that the more I know, the more I don't know.

Thank you all for reading this winding road. I'll post more here on a weekly basis on all new thoughts, ideas and experiences. I look forward to connecting with any & all folks here to listen.




State University of New York at Plattsburgh


National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching Accredited Program - Enrolled Currently


Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)


Awarded by California State University Channel Islands for HealthCorps Partnership.

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